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Doctor Colonel Jaime Solis, USMC (Ret), the son of Cuban immigrants, was born in Philadelphia and raised in Los Angeles. He retired from Marine Corps active duty after more than 40 years of service. He is a decorated Vietnam veteran and has been awarded medals for Combat, Superior, Distinguished, Commemorative, and Meritorious Services, and individual honors by the Defense Department, the United States Marine Corps, Army, and Navy. Doctor Solis' recognition also included citations from The Republic of South Vietnam, The Republic of South Korea, The State of California, the Cities of Los Angeles and Santa Ana California, and other civic and community organizations throughout the United States.

In 1988, while still on active duty, Doctor Solis created and incorporated Marikai Corporation as a small business, executive management firm, in McLean, Virginia. In addition to the firm’s essential business purposes, Marikai also brokered coalitions with free-lance contractors and partnered with local metropolitan firms. The small management group handled various service contracts, entertainment talent, minor construction, individual financial counseling and immigrant processing. At the same time, we prepared temporary and permanent, resident/nonresident Immigration and Foreign Labor Certification cases. Also, Marikai conducted diversity training seminars for mid-level corporate executives, prepared business, and individual tax returns, performed bookkeeping and accounting services, while systematizing business start-ups and professional tax programs for small business clients.

In 1993 Doctor Solis received a Presidential Appointment from President Clinton, as an Assistant Secretary of Department of Veterans Affairs. Six months later, he resigned from Veterans to accept a Twentieth Century Fox motion picture contract, for work in three feature films; "TAD," "Clear and Present Danger," and "True Lies." Doctor Solis also contracted with Fox Studios in Washington D.C. to be a regular studio actor on Fox's weekly television series, "America's Most Wanted."

In the late 90s, Doctor Solis decided to direct time and energy to his small business firm. He retooled Marikai service functions to handle acceptance agent processing, entity development & registration, and immigration and E-Service activities. Doctor Solis received his Doctorate in Philosophy, with a focus on Management and Business Administration. Some of his certifications include "Tax Practitioner" "Certified National Notary Association Trusted Enrollment Agent" "Federated Identity Service, Exostar, LLC Trusted Enrollment Agent" "Financial Counselor" "Notary Signing Agent" and "Certified Sciences Application International Corporation." He is an "Acceptance Agent" for the Treasury Department. Doctor Solis is President and sole owner of Marikai Corporation.

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