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Marikai Corporation provides Business Entity Development and Registration services to current organizations as well as new start-ups. If you are interested in a home-based business, or an operation requiring more than 500,000 in assets, we will bring the venture to life for you. Once you make the decision to form an entity we take care of the rest. Clients establish businesses throughout the United States based on their individual needs and requirements. Therefore, you decide what form of business you wish to establish, pick its name, determine what state you wish to operate your business in, and contract Marikai to launch the operation and serve as your Registered Agent. Forming a small business is considered a big step toward individual success, and your eventual growth as an entrepreneur. Some key benefits related to forming a legal entity include protection of personal assets through liability protection, qualification to deduct certain operating expenses, reduction in audit risk, and the establishment of a credible professional identity. However, first, there are significant planning considerations to consider such as the development of a Business Plan.

At this critical stage in the development of your small business, you may have already decided if you are going to become a Sole Proprietor, create a Partnership, Incorporate, or form a Limited Liability Company. However, no one choice suits all business types. Sometimes the best ownership structure for a business depends on the type of services or products it will provide. Other times, a concern is a part of public offerings, international investment, or entity stock share issues. In any event, you will almost surely want to form a business structure that provides personal liability protection which will shield your personal assets from business debt and claims. A Corporation or a Limited Liability Company might be a proper selection.

Still, there are other equally important factors to take into consideration if you are deciding whether to incorporate or form an LLC; such as potential business risks and liabilities, formalities and expenses, your personal income tax situation and a possible need to raise capital. The factors listed are portions of a long list of concerns. You might also want to analyze choices related to how to incorporate; you could do it yourself by clicking the MyCorporation link, hire a lawyer, or contract with Marikai. If you choose Marikai to handle your paperwork, we will simplify the entire process and save you money, time, and worry. We develop public and Subchapter "S" Corporations, Partnerships, LLCs, LLPs, and Nonprofits. Visit the Internal Revenue Service's Online Classroom, and then tell us what you wish to do; we will provide all required notarization and other support to enable you to complete the process and secure all of the benefits of incorporation thousands of individuals enjoy.

Contact Marikai for Business Entity Registration Services; save yourself time, money and hassle -- use our professional expertise to help form your entity.