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Marikai Corporation is registered as a National Notary Association (NNA) Certified and Background Screened Notary Signing Agency. Our primary agent, Dr. Solis has been closing real estate loans for more than 15 years. We conduct loan closing in all three states in the Metropolitan Washington area plus most counties in Virginia. Also, The Commonwealth of Virginia, the State of Maryland and The District of Columbia have all commissioned Marikai to process; Loan Document Delivery process currently available on electronic mediums; E-Doc, ENS, Laptop, Enjoa, and Laser printers capable of servicing loans on a 24-hour basis. Marikai is also an Electronic Return Originator, (ERO) and an Electronic Federal Tax Payment System, (EFTPS) IRS authorized provider. We have participated in the Internal Revenue Service's Suite of E-File services for 17 years while maintaining an IRS assigned Personal Electronic Filing Identification Number.

IRS' suite of E-File services makes it easier for tax professionals to process documents through the IRS and obtain information helpful to clients. Since the year 1999, Marikai has filed Individual Tax Returns, and some business information returns electronically for most customers. Recent reports, during 2012, showed that Practitioners submitted close to 22 million individual electronic tax returns to IRS.  Today, due to IRS' refined E-Service products, EROs can increase tax filing efficiency and save valuable time, resources, and other savings which are then passed on to clients. The main suite of E-Services includes Disclosure Authorization, (DA) Electronic Account Resolution, (EAR) and Transcript Delivery (TDS). An additional service, Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) Matching, either Interactive or Bulk allows small business customers who file, to match TIN and name combinations, and obtain status results within 24 hours. These pre-filing services are available to taxpayers who are subject to backup withholding, and or those who submit any of the following six information return Forms 1099B, INT, DIV, OID, PATR, and MISC. With written authorization from our clients, we access payment and balance due to information from IRS, check the status of E-File returns, request installment agreements and much more. In addition to IRS' certification, Marikai is accepted as an authorized ERO and given authorization to electronically transmit individual and business state tax and information returns throughout most of the United States. Notary capability is available to satisfy either mobile or on-site processing.

Contact Marikai for Electronic Fund Withdrawal (EWF); it's comfortable, safe, and convenient. Avoid errors when filing estimated tax payments or Forms 1099B, INT, DIV, OID, PATR, and MISC. You gain a distinct time, cost, and processing advantage when using our ERO and EFTPS Services.