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Marikai Corporation provides year-round Tax Services consisting of a wide variety of functions and efforts related to processing IRS data.  We handle individual, business, excise, and employment tax returns throughout the United States on a routine basis for citizens, residents, and other taxpayers. In addition to preparing and filing more than 300 individual and business returns, we handle unique tax issues; such as Armed Forces Investment and Deployment Tax Relief; Disaster Tax Relief; Prior Year Amendments; Offers in Compromise; Innocent Spouse Relief; and, Separation of Liability and Equitable Relief. Our alternative filing methods are designed and employed to handle Waivers and Extensions of Time to File, Amended Returns, Roth IRA Contributions and 401(k) Plans, and Qualified Tuition Programs. Also, Estimated Tax Payments, Rental Income, and Expenses, Clergy Earning Statements, Farming and Fishing Income, Business Use of Homes, Employee Business Expenses, Tax Credits, Tax on Children's Investment Income, Self-Employment, and Alternative Minimum Tax, are a few of our many specialties.

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We devote time and energy to enable clients to understand better Earned Income Credit, Employer Tax Advantages, Employment Tax for Household Employees, Tip Withholding, and Reporting, Independent Contractor Status Benefits, Tax Information for the military, and other U.S. Citizens living and working Abroad. We develop taxes for Resident and Non-Resident Aliens; Foreign Earned Income Exclusions, Foreign Tax Credits, Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers, and Responsible Alien Tax Reporting as well. Using Tax Tips Related to  "Offers in Compromise", Tax Tips Related to "60 Day Rollover Rule Waivers", Tax Tips Related to "Energy Efficient Homes", and Tax Tips Related to "Babies & Breakups and other unforeseen Circumstances" we endeavor to keep clients abreast of tax regulation changes.

We complete all of our processing and filings electronically and transmit them via an encrypted electronic signature process. To expedite refunds for qualified clients, we offer Debit Cards containing early authorized refunds provided by Santa Barbara Bank and Trust. When required, Notary needs are satisfied in our office.

Contact Marikai for top-quality Tax Preparation Services and let us help you take full advantage of existing Tax Regulations, in compliance with Legislative Codes. We will optimize your tax position while reducing your tax exposure.