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Individual and Business Tax Services, and Accounting are cornerstones of our practices. Marikai provides year-round Tax Services while managing and processing multiple client accounting issues and concerns. For example, we handle and file most of the 1,389 yearly tax forms in the IRS' interactive catalog of tax products. Basic and routine processing includes individual, business, excise, and employment tax returns for clients residing in all of the fifty states. Approximately 300 personal and business tax returns are prepared and filed annually; individual tax concerns like Armed Forces Relief and Deployment Issues, Conditional Innocent Spouse, Separation of Liability and Equitable Relief cases, Offers in Compromise, Prior Year Tax Initiatives, and Disaster Tax Relief included. We partner with and are affiliated with local large and small businesses as well. Therefore, we offer discounted retail sales of Intuit products, reduced rates for particular business oriented software, support direct-link business development, and valuable legal services; for less than the cost of a cup of coffee a day, with Legal Shield help.

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Marikai uses a well-known procedure entitled "Alternative Filing" on a case by case basis, for specific client-related issues. For example, circumstances involving "Waivers and Extensions of Time to File" "Prior Year Amended Returns" "Roth IRA and 401(k) Plan Adjustments" and "Qualified Tuition Extension Programs." More so, we offer services to cover "Estimated Tax Business Home Use" "Tax Credit Recaptures" "Rental Income and Expense Adjustments" "Definitive Earnings related to the Clergy" and “Farming and Fishing Income Calculations." Also, clients are sometimes in need of "Employee Business Expense categorization" "Child Investment Tax Income Advantages" "Alternative Minimum Tax and Earned Income Credit Calculations" "Self-Employment and Employer Tax Guidance consideration" and "Taxes related to Household Employees and Self-Employment." Finally, some find the need for services requiring "Tip Withholding and Reporting" "Status Reporting for Independent Contractors and Employees" "Foreign Worker Hiring" "Alien/U.S. Citizens Living Abroad Filing" "U.S. Resident and Non-Resident Alien Taxes" "Foreign Earned Income Exclusions and Foreign Tax Credits." The office handles "Taxpayer Identification Numbers" and prior "Tax Adjustments for Aliens" as well. The IRS Interactive Program Marikai employs includes enhanced electronic processing for all forms, documents, signatures, and inquiries. IRS' Internet Suite of E-Services for all electronic transactions. At the same time, notary capability is available to accomplish real estate closings and other notarial requirements. Marikai offers Refund Anticipation Loans and when appropriate will issue quick refunds linked to debit cards, for a fee, by our Santa Barbara Bank and Trust contract account.

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Contact Marikai for top-quality Business and Individual Tax Preparation, Entity Development & Registration, USCIS & FLC, Small Business Accounting and Bookkeeping, Acceptance Agent (ITIN), PrePaid Legal Services, and E-File, ERO, and EFTPS Services.