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Small Business Accounting & Bookkeeping Services

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Marikai Corporation provides Accounting and Bookkeeping Services to clients on a year-round basis. Advanced Bookkeeping methods are used to create financial transactions in business records and to prepare financial statements concerning assets receivables and liabilities. We are members of the Maryland Society of Accountants and The Accounting Society of Virginia. We manage accounts for business entities, to include; Sole Proprietorships, Partnerships, Corporations, both Public and Subchapter "S," LLCs, LLPs, and Nonprofits. Notary capability is available to support all processes.

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In addition to basic accounting and bookkeeping, most of our small business clients require Payroll Support, QuickBooks ProAdvisor help, and other extended financial filing services; like development and presentation of Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow, and similar statements. Many entities require documentation that will allow their small business to qualify as a "for profit Enterprise." The documents also serve the much-needed judicious creation of company payroll, Cash versus Tax Basis Financial Statements, Fixed Asset Reporting and Management, Asset Disposition, Depreciation, and Individual and Corporate tax filings. We welcome the opportunity to manage and support your entity needs. The nature of the relationship helps us to prepare concise tax returns and ensures that personal and Business expenses and property, are properly identified and validated. For example, we publish informative articles with titles like Tax Tip: "Do You Have a Real Business." Tax Tip: "Are You Eligible for Social Security." Tax Tip: "Teachers Get a Tax Break." Tax Tip: "Substantiating Business Expenses." Tax Tip: "Combining Business and Pleasure." Tax Tip: "Deducting the Business Use of Your Home." Tax Tip: "Save Your Receipts." And, Tax Tip: "Tax Consequences of Loaning Money to Your Business." These articles and much more are designed to help our clients determine and weigh advantages and disadvantages related to tax decisions. 

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Contact Marikai for top-quality Accounting and Bookkeeping Services designed to produce a top-notch professional appearance, comply with regulatory standards, and service your need for institutional "Financials" associated with small businesses.