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Marikai Corporation provides Alien Immigrant Services under The Immigration Act of 1990, which was passed by Congress and signed into law as Public Law 101-649. From the earliest times, people have migrated from one place to another. Consequently, to facilitate the immigration process, PL 101-649 amended the Nationality Act to include a preference system for admission of immigrants to the United States for administrative naturalization and visas. Marikai manages and processes applicants desiring to settle in the United States under the provisions of U. S. Citizenship and Immigration and Foreign Labor Certification laws.

There are several different visa levels to consider for permanent residency. The most well-known are family sponsored, employment-based, diversity, and miscellaneous. Many additional subcategories also exist; such as nonimmigrant, reserved for certain unique aliens under a temporary or limited provision, family unity, temporary protected status, and naturalization, all designed to handle legal citizenship administrative processes. Lawful permanent residency, related to immigrant classifications and documentation governed by priority dates, control of numerical limitations, the period of validity of Visa review or admissibility, and issuance of visas upon determination of admissibility, all apply based on an individual's eligibility. Foreign Labor Certification is a gateway that allows an immigrant to gain authorized employment in the United States. Foreign Nationals may also be sponsored to become Permanent Residents based on a permanent job offer. During that process, multistage transitioning occurs with a U. S. Department of Labor (DOL) approved Labor Certification, followed by a USCIS petition.

The Labor Certification opportunity evolved due to a mandate by Congress. Employers in the United States may sponsor prospective, or current, foreign national employees, inside or outside of the U. S., who qualify under one or more of the Employment-Based (EB) immigrant visa categories organized by occupation and priority. The first four EB Visa Categories (1 through 4) are available to otherwise eligible foreign nationals sponsored by U. S. employers. For Priority Workers, it is (EB-1). For Professionals with Advanced Degrees or Persons of Exceptional Abilities, it is (EB-2). For Professional or skilled workers, it is (EB-3). And, for Special Workers it is (EB-4). Marikai also partners with immigration lawyers in three local jurisdictions, Maryland, Virginia, and the District of Columbia, to process USCIS, Permanent Resident, and Naturalization applicants. Skilled and unskilled laborers for Temporary or Permanent Residency, and Employment-based Visas, through the Department of Labor, are also a part of the many programs we handle. Notary support is available for either mobile or on-site processing.

Marikai is an Independent Associate of Legal Shield Inc. Monthly membership are available at, current prices, for services such as legal advice, should it be necessary; for buying or selling a car, child support issues, landlord-tenant events, illegal creditor collection tactics, or receiving a speeding ticket.

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